04/29/2016 – ANC Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – April 29, 2016 – In 1996, Bill Clinton won the U.S. Presidential election, a postage stamp cost $.32 and people all over were shouting the tagline “Show me the money!” after seeing the hit movie Jerry Maguire.  Showing people (or, rather, newspapers) the money is what Advantage Newspaper Consultants began to do that year as well.  This year, ANC marks its 20th year as a leading advertising sales consulting company to newspapers in North America.

ANC was founded in September 1996 as “Advantage Marketing Consultants” by Timothy Dellinger, a former advertising sales rep. With his years of sales experience in the industry, Tim sought to meet the needs of newspapers facing the challenges of selling TV magazine advertising with sales staff who already had multiple ad deadlines for the daily newspaper.  Tim started Advantage Marketing on the principle that bringing a focus, concentrated sales effort of 5-10 days could sustain the TV magazine product advertising for the entire year… and that a little friendly competition (and cash bonuses) becomes an excellent team building exercise for the ad sales staff.

But it wasn’t easy, Dellinger recalls. “I was the go-to guy for every aspect of the business….the salesman, the billing department, the janitor, the production department – everything.  My first office was in the spare bedroom at my house.  It was very humbling.  Advantage started with one client, the Bristol Herald Courier.  I was blessed to be at the right time and the right place.  After four years, we had over 100 TV Book clients under contract.”

Advantage Marketing was re-branded as Advantage Newspaper Consultants in 2008 to better identify with their target client and mission.

Over the years, ANC has assembled a nation-wide team of successful sales consultants and an office support staff who share Tim’s passion for assisting newspapers in achieving their advertising revenue goals and who believe in the value of the community newspaper.   Dellinger continues, “I realized early on that if I surrounded myself with good, talented people, suddenly my job became a lot easier!  I have some great folks working for ANC, and I am proud that so many of them remain long-term employees with ANC today.”

Since its founding in 1996, ANC has focused exclusively on the newspaper industry.  This concentration enables ANC to provide an advanced level of expertise and insight on the past, present and future of the newspaper industry as it relates to advertising – the lifeblood of any newspaper. ANC has succeeded for twenty years by delivering measurable results for its clients and remains dedicated to providing quality service for our clients that help them maintain and grow their advertising profits in order to support the local journalism that only a community publication can provide.

Dellinger reflected on the past two decades in the business.  “I have been lucky and blessed in so many ways.  I have seen some of the biggest changes in the newspaper industry.  Things that I could not have even imagined back in 1996 have come to pass.  Fortunately, I have had mentors that helped me to develop and mature over the years.  These folks championed ANC and our TV Book ad sales program.  I remain grateful to our clients and to the many friends in this industry that have made ANC the premiere TV Book-focused company partnering with newspapers here in the USA and Canada.”