05/02/2017 – President’s Column

The Following is a summary of our Conference in March of this year sent to the membership on April 14th:

Small Group Summary

Good morning to all you Small Group Leaders at the Charleston Conference…

I wanted to get this out sooner but I also realize that there is a lot to do once we get back. I thought we would be doing a lot of follow-up as part of the process but as the sessions were conducted and wound down, it seemed that the follow-up was going to be more targeted and not done as conference calls and webinars.

Thanks for participating and providing so much input in your respective Session. Here is a summary and a couple of ideas for follow-up.

Session 1 – Sales Training Solutions – Scott Embry

Attendees – Shawn, Pat, Ken, Terry, Kevin, Jason, David S., Deirdre, John Cash, Mike W., George.

Scott had a PowerPoint presentation that we can send out to everyone if he hasn’t already. What ideas have you put into action?

Session 2 – New Products – Konrad LaPrade

Attendees – Shana, Sean, Dave C., Vickey, Sharon

I remember that Vickey has a specific project to work with the Chamber. Any other follow-ups you remember? I know that Konrad shared a bunch of ideas – let me know which ones you have plans to launch.

Session 3 – Compensation Programs – Shaun Fogerty

Attendees – Dave S., Jason, Mike D., Mike W., Konrad, TerriLynn, Ken, Leslie, Matthew.

Shaun handed out a 1 page question sheet that focused on Commission/Bonus approaches. My notes show that Mike W. was very interested in Base + Comm plans. Jason had an intricate plan with goals and step raises as revenue targets were reached. Dave S. had a Tracker Wheel that was placed out on the sales floor to motivate the staff. Is there an interest in sending out an email to solidify some of these ideas and see if participants have benefited from implementing them?

Session 4 – Digital Sales Strategy – Sean O’Brien

Attendees – Deirdre, John Cash, Sissy, Terry, Pat, Sharon, Kevin, Vickey

Sean had a list of questions and went around the table — many great ideas were shared. Taking the digital inventory on your site and instead of selling impressions, sell the entire day so the advertiser will see their ad every time they go to the site for that day. Deirdre shared some category targeted segmentation for email blasts. Sharon had some ideas about a digital rate card. John presented the benefits of their group’s relationship building by offering to build websites for small business. Any of these ideas had results for you folks?

Session 5 – A Day in the Life of an Ad Director – Deirdre Mundy

Attendees – Jason, Pat, Sharon, John Cash

Deirdre opened the roundtable with some of the challenges she faces and the conversation took off from there. Some of the topics discussed include: “Teachable Moments” that get reviewed for an hour per week, making sure that the staff own the job the same as you and own what needs to be done to fulfill that job, the importance of having people to implement the new ideas and products/services. What are a couple of things that weren’t mentioned I this summary that have been helpful?

Session 6 – Event Marketing – Leslie Kahana

Attendees – Konrad, Ken, George, Sean, Shawn, Mike R., Vickey, Dave S., Terry, Kevin, Shana, Sissy, Dave C., Mike D.

Leslie used a PowerPoint presentation to guide the session. She has a lot of experience with Event Marketing and being form a large market she was able to emphasize what works and doesn’t work. She shared about some huge successes like the “Best of” events and received a lot of discussion from everyone there. She also shared some event products that didn’t work because they were already being done by other organizations in the market, just didn’t sustain themselves, or weren’t targeted and staged properly. She extracted some of the golden rules from those experiences and also discussed the success she has had with a product champion who exclusively sells event sponsorships and some of the ways to keep the other staff happy with that arrangement. Please respond back with an event that you are launching, re-launching, or perhaps killing because of some of the lessons learned in this session.

My personal takeaway was to look at ways to do some email blasts to Sponsors and newspapers for retaining business as well as a resolve to build on our newly revamped website momentum and see how social media can help us stay visible.

I appreciate any examples you can email back to me.

I want to thank all the Session Leaders and especially Sharon for their help in bringing the program we had envisioned to fruition – it really felt like a family of professional colleagues sharing what will make us all successful as we go forward into the uncertain future that awaits our industry.

Lastly, I hope each of you have a wonderful Easter Holiday weekend with family and friends.

Thanks again, if you have any questions please contact me at any of the numbers or emails below.

Ky Lindsay, President

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