11/26/18 – President’s Column

South Carolina Here We Come!

Time to mark your calendars, as we have confirmed the date and location for our 2019 Mid- Atlantic Newspaper Advertising Marketing Executives Sales Management Conference. The board of directors is pleased to announce that the conference will be held Thursday April 4th through Saturday April 6th at the Marriott in Spartanburg South Carolina. In conjunction with the conference we will be celebrating our 80th anniversary. Our expert negotiator Ed Bryant has secured a great rate of only $135 per night (plus tax) which includes two hot breakfast buffet vouchers, complimentary covered parking and complimentary Wi-Fi in room and on property. Thanks to Ed for once again securing such a quality facility at a very affordable rate.

We have already locked down two fantastic speakers that you will not want to miss. Last year Mike Centorani, GateHouse Media Director of Training, gave a presentation on how to present print and digital solutions to our conference that was huge on the WOW factor. Mike will be back by popular demand to provide additional training that we can take back to our papers and start making money right away.

Also confirmed is Richard Clark. Best known for his classified consulting work with over 300 newspapers across the country, Richard Clark is now the Director of Classified Ventures for Sandusky Newspaper Group, and VP of Sales for the Northeast Tennessee Media Group.  Richard’s Nut & Bolts advice on outbound calling has generated millions of dollars for his clients over the years.  The things Richard says are sometimes hard to hear, but his aww-shucks attitude, along with the good advice on how to make outbound calling pay off, will make it all worthwhile.  Buckle up and take notes, this will be a fast moving session. 

And the good news just keeps on coming. In my previous column, I had mentioned that the board of directors had approved a committee to explore working with one of the state press associations to do a joint conference. The idea was that we would allow advertising staff from that state’s non-member newspapers to attend the 2019 conference at the Mid-Atlantic member rate of only $299. The goal would be to expose them to our conference, allow them to take some revenue generating ideas back to their newspapers, and sign up for membership in 2020.

Konrad LaPrade has been working with the South Carolina Press Association (SCPA) and has secured an agreement with them to promote the conference to their members, and encourage their attendance. This will be a win-win situation, as the SCPA will be able to offer this discounted high-quality training program to their member advertising teams, and from there these new attendees will be prime candidates for new Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. membership.

In my last column, I bragged on the great program we had at this year’s meeting. I also pointed out that this was a team effort, and that no one member of our organization could have possibly had all the connections required to build the program. Dave Singleton is the program chair for 2019, and I know he will appreciate your help in developing this year’s program. So, what programs have you seen that have impressed you? This either could be internal to your company, or perhaps external speakers at other conferences you have attended. Or is there a program we had in the past that might be beneficial to have again? I feel it is critical for us to have our best program ever (no pressure Dave!) in order to recruit as many new members as possible from South Carolina. So please share your ideas, and your connections, with Dave so we can put on another world class event.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you. I’d like for my next column to have examples of what you brought back to your paper to make money. Success breeds success, and maybe by publishing what worked for you, we can all inspire each other to try new things to build revenue. Great idea, huh? And it keeps me from having to come up with another topic when Ed asks me for my next column. So help out your prez, and your fellow N.A.M.E. members, and shoot me a note at gcoleman@lebanonpublishing.com and share your success!

See you in Spartanburg, SC April 4-6, 2019!

George Coleman
Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. President