The membership committee solicits new members for Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. and assists in updating the Members Page on the association’s website and maintains organization of the marketing materials.

Retail Relations
This committee creates better communication between advertisers and the newspaper industry with an emphasis on helping advertisers increase market share.

Public Relations
This committee reviews and directs press releases regarding the association in various trade publications, newspapers and the association’s website.

Education/Sales Development
This committee develops the training programs for the benefit of all Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. members and maintains a close working relationship with all the regional state press associations to aid in their individual educational seminars and programs. The committee assists the conference program chairperson in planning and executing the program.

Recognition and Early Birds
The recognition function of this committee is to seek individuals who have been leaders in the promotion of newspaper marketing and sales in Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. The committee also nominates candidates deserving receipt of the Honorary Life Member award and makes other recognition at the direction of the Board of Directors. The Early Bird committee conducts early bird ticket sales and drawings at each conference. Half the proceeds are contributed to the Scholarship Foundation the remaining funds are used toward conference expenses.

This committee’s purpose is to be a liaison between, The Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. Scholarship Foundation, Inc., which was formed in February 1977. The foundation provides financial assistance to qualified students majoring in advertising and marketing, with an express interest in newspaper advertising, at a recognized college or university. The foundation elects its  Officers and Directors, independent of the by-laws of the Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E.

This committee develops and sells advertising and sponsorships to newspaper members, affiliate and associate members as well as non-members.

Conference Program, Site and Program
2014 – April 10-12 Charlotte, NC
Program Chairperson: Leslie Kahana
2015 – March 5-7 Savannah, GA: Terry Coomes
2016 – To Be Decided: Shaun Fogarty
These committees make recommendations to the Board as to locales and hotels to be used as conference sites and execute the annual conference.

Tearsheets and Awards
2014 – Terry Coomes
2015 – Shaun Fogarty

2014- Charlotte, NC
This committee plans, announces and executes the advertising tearsheet competition. Plaques and certificates are presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each circulation category and ad classification category. Winners are displayed on the association’s website.

Constitution and By-Laws Review
This committee reviews our Constitution and By-Laws to insure that they are kept current. Their recommendations are presented to the Board for approval. This committee also reviews the membership dues structure.


2014 – Bill Cummings
2015 – Pat Taylor
2016 – Leslie Kahana

This committee calls for nominations from the general membership for Officers and Directors and presents their recommendations to the current Board for their consideration. The chairman presents the final slate at the Annual General Membership for action.

This committee will develop and execute the Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. web site.  The Executive Director and Executive Secretary will maintain the content in conjunction with the website host.